Welcome to the Archive

Here you'll find all the pets from the previous incarnation of the website.
Be sure to follow us to know as soon as the new designs are up!

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Ocellaris Clownfish Misbar Ocellaris Clownfish Fancy Ocellaris Clownfish Misbar Fancy Ocellaris Clownfish Black and White Clownfish Black and White with orange nose Clownfish Misbar Black and White Clownfish Misbar Black and White with orange nose Clownfish Percula Clownfish Misbar Percula Clownfish Percula 2 Clownfish Misbar Percula 2 Clownfish Maroon Clownfish Gold Band Maroon Clownfish Clarkii Clownfish Clarkii Spotcinctus Clownfish Black Saddleback Clownfish Pink Skunk Clownfish Orange Skunk Clownfish Cinnamon Clownfish Tomato Clownfish Tomato 2 Clownfish Mccullochi Clownfish Mccullochi 2 Clownfish Naked Clownfish Platinum Clownfish Caramel Clownfish Caramel Misbar Clownfish Midnight Clownfish Midnight 2 Clownfish Domino Clownfish Domino 2 Clownfish Onyx Clownfish Onyx 2 Clownfish Picasso Clownfish Picasso 2 Clownfish Picasso 3 Clownfish Snowflake Clownfish Premium Snowflake Clownfish Black Ice Clownfish Black Snowflake Clownfish Black Snowflake 2 Clownfish Fire Clownfish Fire 2 Clownfish

Let us draw your pet

If your pet doesn’t look exactly like you wanted it to, we will be happy to have our artists illustrate a pet for you. Email us here to start the process.