Welcome to the Archive

Here you'll find all the pets from the previous incarnation of the website.
Be sure to follow us to know as soon as the new designs are up!

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Cartoon African Grey Cartoon Blue and Gold Macaw Cartoon Blue Crowned Conure Cartoon Blue Front Amazon Cartoon Blue Head Pionus Cartoon Blue Throated Macaw Cartoon Budgie / Parakeet Cartoon Caique Cartoon Black Headed Caique Cartoon Catalina / Harlequin Macaw Cartoon Cherry Head Conure Cartoon Cockatiel Cartoon Male Derbyan Parakeet Cartoon Female Derbyan Parakeet Cartoon Double Yellow Headed Amazon Cartoon Green Wing Macaw Cartoon Gold Capped Conure Cartoon Golden Conure Cartoon Green Cheek Conure Cartoon Hahns Macaw Cartoon Hyacinth Macaw Cartoon Illiger Macaw Cartoon Jenday Conure Cartoon Lovebird Cartoon Meyers Parrot Cartoon Military Macaw Cartoon Nanday Conure Cartoon Patagonian Parrot Cartoon Rainbow Lorikeet Cartoon Red Fronted Macaw Cartoon Scarlet Macaw Cartoon Senegal Parrot Cartoon Severe Macaw Cartoon Sun Conure

Let us draw your pet

If your pet doesn’t look exactly like you wanted it to, we will be happy to have our artists illustrate a pet for you. Email us here to start the process.