The Pets

How do I cartoonize my pet?

Just go to this page and use the menus to select a pet type and customize the color.

Press the red "Next Step" button to get to the main menu. There you'll have the option of accessorizing the pet and adding a background.

Once you're satisfied with your pet you can use the buttons below the picture to share, download and add it to products!

Normally we would say yes, but we are actually booked up working on getting this new website up to speed.

Keep a eye out for when we announce the return of custom colorings!

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How will I know when you have added the pet I am looking for?

If you let us know what you were looking for and sign up for our newsletter, we can let you know when we have added your pet!

Adding new pets
Can I request a new pet?

Absolutely! Please let us know here and sign up for our newsletter so we can let you know when we have it ready!

Adding new pets
Do you cartoonize cross breeds?

All of the breed names on products can be changed, so if a dog resembling your cross already exists on the site you can just change the breed name on the product page.

If none of the existing dogs can be colored to look like your cross, then chances are sooner or later we'll add something that looks close. Be sure to follow us on your favourite social media site for the latest additions!

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Why do the Cats work differently? How do I add accessories and backgrounds to them?

The Catoonizer was created before the current incarnation of this website so it looks and works a little differently. Once we add the cats to the new platform you'll be able to share them and add accessories and backgrounds!

Can I make a Cat without having Flash installed?

Sadly, no, not currently.

Don't worry though, we do plan on updating the cats to the new website, so when that happens they'll work without Flash.

Can I use the cartoons in my avatar or forum signature?

Certainly! Just be sure to let people know where you got the graphic from when they ask!

Can I use the cartoons in my website or blog?

You may share our pet graphics for non-commerical purposes, as long as you give credit and/or a link.

For more information please see our Terms of Use.

Can I use the cartoon pets in a logo for my business?

I'm afraid not. At this time we are not allowing our images to be used for anything other than non-commerical purposes.

All pet images are Copyrighted © Cartoonize My Pet LLC 2023. All rights reserved.

For more information please see our Terms of Use.

Can I sell the designs on my own products? (eg Etsy)

No, sorry. That would be considered a "commercial use" and therefore get into the nasty world of copyright infringement. Please don't do this.

I've seen these pet designs being sold on another site, what should I do?!

Oh dear. It's possible that they are doing so illegally. Please let us know so we can investigate.


Products & Customizing

What kinds of products do you sell?

All sorts! T-shirts, iphone cases, mugs, stationey... heck even pillows and skateboards!

But don't just take my word for it, create a pet and then press the red "Create Products" button to instantly see your pet on everything that's available!

New products (and pets!) are constantly being added so be sure to follow us via your favourite social media site, or check in with our blog!

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How do I customize the products?

Good question! Some products have input fields on the right of the page, where you can instantly add your own information (e.g. business cards.)

But even if a product doesn't, you can still go in play with the design!

Add text and images, rearrange everything, resize or delete elements... Make it yours!

Can I have several pets on a single product?

Combining all your pets on a single product is a sure fire way to make it truly one of a kind... and best of all, it's FREE!

Check-list for Combo Design Requests:

  • The URLs of the pets you would like together. Just create them on the site and use the "Share" button to get the links
  • The background you would like. Be sure to add the background to at least one of the pet links so we can find it easily
  • Which product(s) you'd like them on

Once you have all of that together, email us at

A combo shirt worn by Nikki from Obsessive Chihuahua Disorder
Can I put a t-shirt design on another style or color?

You sure can! Any t-shirt can be changed to any other style/color of apparel. So a regular white t-shirt can be transformed into a black hoodie, or even a pink baby-grow!

Just use the color & syle options on any apparel product page.

How do the shirts fit?

It varies between styles. You can find out more by clicking on the "Select a size" drop-down menu on a shirt and then selecting "View Size Chart."



How do I create an account?

You can click the “Login” button in the header and then click the “Create Account” button on that page or you can simply click here.

Once on that page, you simply need to enter your first name, last name, and email address. From there, you just need to pick a password and then confirm that password. Once this is filled out check our “Sign up for Newsletter” box if you are interested then choose “Register” to finish.

How do I change my password?

If you lost your password, go here. To change your password go to “Account Settings” found on the “My Pets” page. From here type in your old password then set and confirm your new one to change it.

Once on that page, you simply need to enter your first name, last name, and email address. From there, you just need to pick a password and then confirm that password. Once this is filled out check our “Sign up for Newsletter” box if you are interested then choose “Register” to finish.

What happens after I purchase an image?

After you purchase an image you will gain the ability to download a 300x300 pixel version of that image. This image will be available whenever you log in unless you delete your account.

Can I save cats from the Catoonizer or pets from the Archives?

Unfortunately that is not a feature we currently have available.

What is a custom drawing?

Custom drawings are when we use our artists to make our cartoon pets look as close as possible to the real-life pets.

$50 Custom Illustration: We can create a custom illustration of your pet that is an animal that we currently offer on our website (for example, dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, etc.) We will customize your illustration with your pet's shapes, colors, and markings. Unfortunately at this time, we do not offer custom illustrations of animals currently not offered on our website (for example, pigs).

How do I save a pet?

When you are finished creating the pet, click "Save" to add it to your profile. Also, if you click “Buy Image” it will save the pet automatically to your profile and also place the image in your cart.

How do I purchase an image?

Once you create your pet, you can add it to your cart from the builder screen or once it is saved in your “My Pets” page. Once the image is added, simply go to your cart and follow the checkout instructions.

How do I make products out of my saved pets?

Go to your “My Pets” page and click the “Create Products” button.


Zazzle Orders & Returns

What's the usual turnaround time for orders?

Most products are manufactured within 24 hours of placing your order (with some exceptions.)

For more information, please refer to the turnaround help page.

What are the US shipping rates?

Oh you're from the US? Well have got a good deal for you! Why not sign up for Zazzle Black to recieve FREE unlimited shipping!

If you'd like to know your exact shipping cost, simply proceed to the checkout with your item(s) and you will be shown the rate before finializing the order. Rest assured you will not be charged unless you choose to confirm the order price and shipping rate.

Please refer to shipping FAQ for information on shipping options and rates.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Our products are shipped all over the world!

If you'd like to know your exact shipping cost, simply proceed to the checkout with your item(s) and you will be shown the rate before finializing the order. Rest assured you will not be charged unless you choose to confirm the order price and shipping rate.

For more information please refer to the overseas shipping help page.

Do you know of any promo codes?

There's always a great offer to be found on Zazzle's coupons page!

...If anyone asks, just say a little birdie told you so!

Are there any discounts for buying in bulk?

Indeed there are!

A volume bonus is automatically applied to many products; so the more you buy, the less they cost. It doesn't even matter if the design is different on each one, as long as the product type is the same the discounts will still apply!

For example; you could buy 10 magnets with a different pet on each one and still recieve 17% off!

Please see the volume discount help page for qualifying products.

Even steeper discounts can be obtained if you're a business looking for large (+200) quanties. Please use this form to contact Zazzle reguarding bulk business orders.

Where's my order?

Need to track an order? No problem! Just click here!

Need more info? Try here.

What is the returns policy?

If you don't absolutely love it, we'll take it back!

Please see the returns policy page for complete information.

How do I contact Customer Service?

Zazzle Customer Service are top notch and will be able to help you with any order related queries.

I have another order related question...

Please visit the Zazzle Help Center for answers to even more product and order related questions.


About the Company

Who draws the pets?

The pets are all drawn by Francesca Hause... or Fran for short.

She hails from England, but lives in sunny Austin TX with her husband, son, 2 dogs and an aquarium full of marine fish & critters.

What's the story behind CartoonizeMyPet?

Ever since school, Fran was always looking for an excuse to draw cartoon animals.

In 2008 she stumbled across Zazzle and set up a shop with her husband called Sugar Vs Spice. Together they drew all sorts of designs from monsters to cupcakes, but primaraly it was cartoon pets.

As the pets began to take over, Fran decided they deserved their own very own site and on Feb 28th 2010, was born!

Having 4 dogs herself, Fran knew only too well the thrill of finding a product with the perfect likeness of a pet on it. There were sites that did dog breed specific products already, but unless your pooch was pretty standard colors, you were not likely to find your exact one. Zazzle's print on demand set up was the perfect answer, allowing her to (obessively) draw every possible combination!

In 2013 the website evolved yet again; letting visitors create their own cartoon pet combinations thanks to a pet avatar creator!

What's this "Zazzle" you keep going on about?
Zazzle Logo

Zazzle is a print on demand company that take our pet cartoons and print them on all sorts of cool products.

Find out more about Zazzle


Website Queries

I've found an error on the website! What should I do?

Oh no! Please let us know about any website bugs you find so we can squish them!


Contact Details

Who do I contact for order related inquiries?

Zazzle Customer Service will be able to assist you.

How do I contact the artist?

You can email us at and we'll get back to you asap.

If you're after a combo design or custom coloring please be sure to review the check-lists to make sure you send you us all the information we'll need.

Sometimes we get a build up of requests though, so please be patient with us!

How do I contact the webmaster?

Please send any website related questions to


Miscellaneous Stuff

Does Adam want a cracker?

Don't tempt me, I'm trying to stay on a low carb diet!

Let us draw your pet

If you can't get the builder to your exact specifications, we will be happy to quote a custom pet for you. Email us here to start the process. Rates start at $50 per custom pet. Each custom pet can be accessorized on the site and you will receive an HD image of the pet only.